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About Mortgage Professional Connect

Digital Marketing For Canadian Mortgage Brokers

  • Inbound lead generation
  • Website development
  • Conversion optimization​

Get a custom digital strategy for your market. Send us a message below to find out if your city is available.

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Recent mortgage lending changes in Canada have made it harder for home buyers to qualify for a mortgage, and greatly lowered the amount of home that they can buy. The changes favor the banks and take more business out of the broker channel.

Also, there are over 15,000 licensed Canadian mortgage agents. They're all competing against the banks, super rate websites, and other brokers for the same home buyer loans.

Furthermore, technology has transformed how consumers use media, search for information on products, and services; and how they buy. Websites like Facebook, Youtube, Linked, Bing, and Google drastically increase their site traffic year-over-year—strengthening their grip on prospective client’s attention.

Traditional marketing channels—and the old ways of connecting with home buyers—are no longer effective. Traditional methods like yellow pages, print advertising, realtor marketing, and cold calling produce less results every year. To stand out in the crowded space, attract new prospective buyers, and close more mortgage loans, brokers need to have a solid digital strategy for capturing the attention of future home owners.

For Canadian mortgage brokers who are dissatisfied with their return-on-investment on traditional marketing.

MPro Connect is a new digital marketing agency that focuses on inbound local lead generation and online marketing for the mortgage industry.

Unlike conventional marketing companies, or traditional channels, MPro Connect provides measurable results in the form of website traffic, visitors, phone calls, and completed mortgage applications.

We can help you increase your online visibility, drive local home buyers to your website, and convert visitors into leads.

There are four core strategies we employ to connect brokers with customers.

Content Marketing
Fresh, useful content attracts attention, builds trust, and makes the viewer more likely to remember your brand and convert on your site into a client. But understanding what homebuyers are looking for, and where, is of key importance.

There are 6 stages that consumers go through when buying a home: Awareness, interest, consideration, intent, evaluation, and purchase.

content marketing

Just like fishing, each piece of content created is like throwing another line into the ocean. The more hooks you put in the water, the more fish you’ll be able to catch.

We research, create, and distribute, valuable content that targets homebuyers at different points in the search cycle. By publishing articles and information relevant to search intent, we can increase the traffic to our partner’s website and generate lead conversion opportunities.

But creating great content isn’t enough.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the process of configuring your website to be found on search engines. Crawlers—computer programs that crawl your site and return the information back to the search engine—need to understand what your website and content is about. If a search bot can’t read the sites code properly, or the website has no other sites sending links (votes) to it, the site has no chance at getting found.

Mortgage Broker SEO

We optimize the on-page, technical, and off-page SEO factors your website to make it rank. By appearing high in results pages and the local map-pack, the mortgage website can receive a steady stream of clicks, visitors and potential clients.

Click here to get a free website audit and local market analysis

Pay Per Click Advertising
PPC is digital advertising. It’s used to send visitors who click on an ad to a website. As the name suggests, the advertiser only pays when a viewer clicks the ad. Currently, there are many different channels for digital advertising that offer this model of promotion. Social, search, and directory sites to name a few.

pay per click advertising

Because pay per click ads are run online, the buyer can see how many leads they gained for their investment of money. PPC has become the go to channel against traditional advertising because advertisers can measure exact ROI and justify spending.

Currently the best sites for ppc advertising are Google and Facebook.

We create hyper targeted ads that focus on those who are who most likely to need home financing.

Conversion Rate Optimization
The first step is getting a website visitor. Next, we get them take a desired action. CRO is a system for increasing the number of visitors to a website that convert into a lead.

conversion rate optimization

Through A-B split testing, and refinements to the marketing message, we find offers that connect with website visitors and increase the percentage of people who send an inquiry, make a phone call, or complete a mortgage application.

Most brokers want nothing more than to work with customers, help them plan for the largest purchase of their lives, and save them money. Instead, they’re spending countless hours in front of a computer frustrated.

As past mortgage brokers and 10+ years of experience in digital marketing. Mortgage Professional Connect Inc. is here to help.

We can increase your online presence, drive traffic to your website, convert visitors into new leads.

What makes MPro Connect different and why would you want to do business with us?

1. You’ll know where your money is going
Our services are completely measurable. Each month, you’ll see exactly how many people consumed your content, visited your website, clicked on your advertisements; and how many converted into a client.

2. Work with specialists not generalists
As a past brokers, we understand home buyer intent. We target what buyers are looking for online, and where they are looking at it.

3. You’re the only one
We only work with one broker per Canadian city, to ensure the best possible results. There’s is no overlap or conflict of interests. 

4. 90 Day Money Back Guarantee
In most cases, getting consistent results will take some time and effort. If you’re not happy with the amount of new business we’re generating after 90 days of work, we will give you a complete refund.

5. Custom Strategy
We research, design, and develop a unique online strategy for each client we work with.

Before working with anyone new, we have an introductory call to find out if we would work well together.

We only work with Canadian mortgage brokers.

Get a custom strategy for your market. Send us a message below to see if your city is open.

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