The 7 Best Lead Generation Ideas for Mortgage Brokers

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Lead Generation Ideas For Mortgage Brokers

We live in an age of hyper-connectivity thanks to the Technological Revolution, and, more specifically, the Internet. The days of yellow pages, print advertising, and realtor marketing are behind us, and in order to effectively market yourself, and your mortgage brokering business, it is imperative that you understand that there is a new way to get business, and that it starts online.

Put yourself in your potential clients’ shoes. Would you rather have a dozen mortgage broker advertisements thrown your way, or would you rather find a broker organically when looking for information that you need? The ideal goal for lead generation is to capture home buyers that are actually interested in something you can help them with.

You want to work with home buyers who will trust and value you. You want prospective clients to contact you; not vice versa. Your goal is to provide the appropriate amount of information, in an easily digestible format, so that these natural relationships can flourish. So, here are my seven best lead generation tips.

Social Media is One of Your Greatest Assets

Social Media Marketing

One of the best place to start hunting down prospects is the number one thing on every marketer's mind: Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn, just to name a few, are powerhouses for connecting real estate buyers to your business. People are now connected in unprecedented ways due to websites like these. Some studies estimate that approximately 40% of people spend more time on social media than they spend socializing face-to-face. That is a lot of potential customers, and yet, that is not even the best part.

Social Media is often the most cost effective form of Lead Generation at your disposal. The websites and services run themselves, and are often very business friendly. The way to be most effective at connecting with customers and building an audience is to insert yourself into online communities where relevant interest and topics exist. Share your insight as a mortgage broker, answer questions, and provide value to the page. Not sure of which site to be using to target your ideal market? Try looking at this great post that breaks down various demographics and shows what sites are most popular among which groups. 

Content Marketing Is King

Content Marketing

Another great way to generate leads is using interactive approaches. A very popular form of this is using small quizzes for potential leads to fill out, and then having an email opt-in at the end. Ideally your quiz should be full of colour and images to evoke interest in you service. You can create a quiz that tries to narrow down what kind of mortgage brokering services could potentially be needed for each individual or market, and even gate the result off with an optional email opt-in. Ideally, you want to have some sort of potential reward for filling out the quiz though, as people are more inclined to share their information if they know there is some kind of incentive. While a quiz is a proven method of Lead Generation, any kind of interactive content can greatly benefit your search for potential leads. Creating a quiz may seem like a hassle, but there are many great ways to go about this, and plenty of resources online such as this guide.

Email Courses Build Trust

Email Marketing

You can also try to provide a small, valuable service to people in exchange for their email address. An effective method of generating mortgage leads is to offer courses via email to potential homebuyers; the courses could educate them on the homebuying process, the community, or how to get a mortgage. This is especially prevalent in the mortgage broker industry. People have tons of questions when it comes to money, and you can provide those answers in small, easily digestible pieces every day, week, or month via email. Not only are you creating a relationship with the people who sign up, but you also gain prospects whom you can market to for your services.

In this instance you have the contact information for people that you know are interested in buying a home. These relationships can easily evolve into new clients for you, as well as spreading your influence through quality content postings. A lot of the time you can take longer blog postings, or articles, that you already have at your disposal and break them up into smaller, more specific tips that are aimed directly at the users who have signed up.

Give Something Away, and Get Something in Return

Mortgage Lead Generation

While most of the previous examples have had little to no cost to them, this next tip will have an upfront cost, but often has positive results. A simple giveaway can be a great opportunity to collect potential lead information. You need to make sure to try and find something relevant to give away though, or else you may find yourself with a bunch of junk contacts. Insure that you provide something that people actually want, and that the people who would be interested in the giveaway are interested in buying real estate or getting a mortgage.

Using this method, leads can be generated in a variety of ways. Even everyone who loses becomes potential customer in the future, and any kind of sharing of the giveaway is a promotion of you and your services. While the actual giveaway has a cost associated with it, the return of investment is often worth it, if utilized properly. The sign up information for the giveaway should be as little as possible to make it easy and motivating for prospects to fill out. Asking for too much information will deter someone from signing up, losing you the opportunity to market your services to them.

Try Making a Business Video

Video Marketing

Visual learning and stimulus are vitally important in today’s society. We live in the era of Youtube and other video sites, and videos are one of the most popular formats of media. That is why this next tip is all about how to utilize the popular interest of video marketing. While many people seek videos for their entertainment value, they can also be used, to great effect, for educational purposes. A strong product video, or in this case service video, can be a great way to create interest in your mortgage brokering services. If you are not too sure about how to get started, this is a great website to check out for business video help.

Similar to the email course, videos can be very informational and helpful to prospective clients. Where lead generation comes in is how you use this format to gather information from people who watch your video or videos. A great way to do this is to create an optional email gate for your video content, as well as creating links in and around your video for subscription or signing up. Here is a great guide for how to use videos to generate leads

What does Your “About” Page Say About You?

Customer Relationship Marketing

One of the most important pages on any website should be the “About” page. This is where your potential leads will look to find out who you are and what it is that you do. While this information can often be found in other places in your website, your “About” page should offer a clear, concise answer to many of your prospective clients’ questions. This is often one of the first places a visitor to your site will visit organically, and therefore it should be a priority for optimization.

This is also a good spot to place a Call to Action section for your site, such as a simple button or image that encourages the visitor to call you, request more information, or complete a mortgage application. This is a good place for your Call to Action because ideally you will have all of your important information in one, strategic place so that the viewer does not need to jump around your site before they decide to take action. Here is a post that focuses solely on improving your “About” page to better serve your potential clients. 

Offline Presence

The last tip I want to talk about is a little more broad than the others, but is just as important. I have laid a heavy emphasis on your online presence in this post because that is where the best mortgage lead generation opportunity lies. That does not mean that all of them are brought in this way though. It is important to ensure that you maintain your offline presence almost as much as your online one. There are many ways to achieve this, but I will provide a few examples. The phone, while its use has been mostly supplanted by the internet, still has some great functions.

Most marketing researchers now agree that “cold calling” is dead. Instead, they suggest methods of what is called “warm calling.” Warm Calling is the process of calling someone who you already have some information on, such as who they are, what it is they are looking for, and how you can help. A direct phone call like this can be far more personal than any online contacting method, but it should only be used if you have enough information on the potential client.

Lastly, another great way to generate leads is to host lunch-and-learns or try and find events and seminars that you can participate in. As I mentioned earlier, many people often have questions about money, and these kinds of events can bring out good prospects. The benefit for you is that when you are a speaker at any kind of event you are in a position of authority. This kind of authority can easily bring attention to your business, and all you have to do is provide the means for them to give their information.


Mortgage Broker Inbound Lead Generation

Utilizing these lead generation ideas can greatly increase your local presence and make you more visible to potential clients. Most of these tips are fairly low cost, and try to offer the best return on investment for your time, money, and effort.

On a final note, I just wanted to say why you should avoid trying to purchase mortgage leads. There are services out there that offer this, but, as I mentioned at the start of this post, prospective clients should be treated like a new relationship; not just a number. Recall that your goal is to display your information in the most effective, efficient, and friendly manner possible. Purchasing leads can easily send your emails and information into spam folders, is very expensive, and they are not guaranteed to meet your ideal market or convert prospects. Other mortgage brokers may even be using the same service, which only makes your business seem like any other one out there.

Following these tips and ideas is a great way to start generating leads in an organic, cost effective way that services both you and your prospective clients.

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